These wooden hooks are made with eco-friendly wood. They are super fun to organize your children hats, coats accessories. This comes in set of 3. 




TRIS&ARI Ice Cream Wood Hooks (Set of 3)

SKU: WD007
  • Size

    • 9.7x6.7x4.5cm



    • Under 1kg total weight 



    • Wood, Plywood 
    • 3M glue + wood + expansion screw


    • Please do not hang things over 1kg. It is only for baby clothing or light things.
    • These are not designed to hang heavy weighted items, they are also not designed for items to be pulled from them, items must be lifted off the hook.
    • the package will come with mounting supplies with insturctions. The mounting system supplied requires you to add a screw into your wall, please keep this in mind if you use the mounting system supplied

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