Gorgeous, super soft made-to-order character blankets! These blankets are made with a wool-blend yarn making it a great alternative to merino wool because it is more durable and machine washable.  The perfect touch to your nursery.  The larger size can be used in bedrooms and living rooms as a decorative piece or a cozy blanket.  


PetiteVie Handmade Unicorn Blanket

SKU: B002
    • Measurements: Inside diameter: 80cm, Outside diameter: 90cm, Height: 30cm. 
    • Pacakged: Vaccum Sealed Bag 
    • Made in a pet free/smoke free home 
  • Please note, this blanket is quite delicate and may shed and pill more than usual yarn.  This blanket will require grooming from time to time to remove the flyaways and pill. You can gently pull off any loose pieces and use scissors to trim flyaways.  To clean the blanket, please wash in cold water only and lay flat to dry.  

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