An exclusive collaboration between The Modern Nursery X Cotton Ball Lights.
The Modern Nursery have worked together with the team at Cotton Ball Lights to bring you custom TMN colours to fit with your modern nursery! This colourway includes: Marble Grey, Powder Pink and White.


Comes in a box of 20  Lights. All Lights in a line.

TRIS&ARI - Cotton Ball Lights (Pink/Grey)

SKU: WD010
  • Measurements: 
    20 Lights 2.64m in a line
    35 lights 3.65m in a line

    Safety - In case of damage to the electric circuit, do not use the product but destroy it. Never connect the light string to another light string.

    How to replace a lightbulb
    Unplug the power cord.
    20 Lights: Lights: 12V – 0,84W Plug: 230V – 50Hz

    35 Lights: Lights: 6,5V – 0,78W Plug: 230V – 50Hz

  • Every Cotton Ball has a small hole, you need to cut a generous 1cm slit in the hole, and thread the light through, pull the wire laterally to fix in place. Repeat for each Cotton Ball. Make your own lights and have fun with it!  

    Lighting string is transparent, has a switch and UK plug.
    Delivered in a transparent gift box, making the perfect gift. 

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