When Tristan & Ariya was born on the same day just one year apart, we knew they were meant to be. This is how Tris & Ari was born. We wanted to make excellent quality of toys and home decoration for our children at an affordable prices. 

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Never in my wildest dream did I think I would love creating children's room. I was in between house moving and decorating my toddler's room when I noticed I am drawn to the fresh white walls and wooden floors, little did I know that they are a hallmark of Scandinavian style, the style tend to be more subtle on the elements, like shape and texture. While I was creating my daughter's room, I realize just how hard it was to find items that are based in Canada with the specific style I was looking for. So, Christine and I started to look for manufacturers that fits into our vision. Our goal is to create a safe, environmental friendly, clean and simple products from us to your family.  

CEO, Co-Founder 



I am a mother of two who strives to balance between motherhood and my many diverse passions. Home decor was not one of my passions, until I spent so much time at home during my maternity leave.  The first few months of being a mom is tough - the night feedings, and countless diaper changes, the never ending days... but I found my mood changed when I started decorating Tristan's nursery and had something pleasant to look at during those dull moments.  As much as I wanted to say the decors were for the kids, I think it was more for me!  Evanna and I shared a similar passion - to bring other families the perfect pieces to make your children's room a special place!

CEO, Co-Founder


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